Paint Handle

Vision Sensor Application Paint Can Handle

More Control Paint Hanle In modern manufacturing and packaging, correct, secure fittings and handles are essential for the transportation of product items.

For this application, the customer requested a checking device to ensure that the handles of a paint can were fastened securely to the paint can.

Given the weight of a full paint can, the strain placed on the handle can be quite immense. If the handle is not correctly secured on the plastic lug, the handle will fall off when a customer selects the can from a shelf at a point of sale.

The checker that was used for this particular application ensured the handle is secured in the correct position.

More Control Paint Hanle

Top Image: Handled located correctly on the lug.

Bottom Image: Incorrect handle placement

This simple yet effective detection application allowed the customer to accurately check products to ensure that each paint can has a well secured handle and to report any paint cans with a defective handle.

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