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Vision Sensor Detection of Scoop in a Can

More Control Detection Sensor In today's modern manufacturing environment, attention to detail and precision packing and quality controls are paramount to any production line success.

For this application, the customer had requested a vision detection system which could detect that a scoop had been placed into a can of powdered baby milk before the can is closed shut.

Given the nature of this product it was imperative that the detection system could not only detect a scoop, but could also detect a specific type of scoop that would be used as a standard for all packages.

The Omron FZ2 vision system was selected due to its unrivalled colour detection capabilities.

More Control Detection Sensor Any colour scoop can be reliably detected resting on the yellow coloured milk powder. If there is no scoop present, the detection system will reject the item and highlight with a warning message as indicated on the right image.

This simple yet effective vision detection system, allowed our customer to accurately check that all cans containing baby milk powder included the relevant associated scoop to go with the product before being sealed shut.

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