Label Conversion

Vision Sensor Label Conversion

More Control Label Conversion In the modern manufacturing and production environment, having correct automated checking devices not only save time and man power but can also ensure that all items pass complete quality control checks.

For this application the customer requested a label conversion application to check that a label is on the backing of a package before being dispatched to the customer.

A white label is manufactured on a brown backing material. Before the package is sent off, the label required is to be a complete circle prior to winding the reel and dispatching to the customer.

A checker was used along with a blue ring light to maximise the contrast between the label and the backing. Multiple regions were drawn to inspect the packaging for a missing section of the label.

Once checked, the labels can then be wound with confidence and the need for a manual check can then be removed. This saved the company the cost of having an operator to manually check each item.

For a total detection and label conversion system the total cost was around £3000.

Top Image: Good Label

Bottom Image: Reject (Missing) Label

If you have a vision sensor application that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact us and one of our technical team can discuss how to turn your vision needs into viable business solutions.

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